Welcome to Coops and Sheds

We build or help you to build chicken coops for your feathered friends.

We design structures which can be disassembled and moved by 2 strong people. Emphasis is on ease of cleaning and compact design.

click on images to enlarge

uphill coop (uphill from our kitchen)uphill coop front view

Here is our latest design. New features: picture window facing south for winter warmth, venting front and back under roof for summer cooling, metal roofing for ease of disassembly and durability. We also added a fenced run behind (not shown) with a translucent roof over part of it. This coop has 5 nesting boxes and room for about 16 chickens to roost. Floor area is better for about 12 on wintry days when they don’t want to go out.

two views of colored coop with chicken gate

My favorite multi-colored coop. Larger capacity of 30 square feet, full back clean-out door (red), access on both ends for gathering eggs and adding feed or water.

large chicken coop with enclosed run

This coop was built at a local apple orchard. Inside there’s an area for laying boxes and roosts, also a storage area for grain and tools.

nest boxes with roosts above

custom gate for guinea fowl run


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